The Cancer Imaging Archive

A publicly accessible archive of high quality cancer imaging data for research.
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Add clinical data associated with image collection

With additional clinical or clinical trial data and a query interface that permits searching on these parameters, a user could define data cohorts and retrieve both the clinical data and associated images.
priorf, 11.05.2015, 14:22
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Improve download data structure

Download manager does not produce a user friendly directory structure on a user's machine making it hard to used downloaded data.
priorf, 11.05.2015, 14:30
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Improve search capabilities

It would be helpful if search queries allowed for selecting subsets of data based on certain (ideally, unrestricted) criteria as defined by the DICOM attributes. Few examples: * find all datasets that have more than 1 timepoint for a given...
afe, 18.06.2015, 17:32
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Add image annotations/segmentations

TCIA should consider adding a way for users to easily annotate and/or segment images in the archive. Upon completion of analysis it should be easy to share the output with other users both privately within a research team and publicly via Digital...
Justin, 23.06.2015, 15:30
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Search filter for human, animal, or phantom images

anonymous, 08.07.2015, 11:24
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Provide API keys for individual users

Currently, only per-application keys are available. If users had API keys, and the platform of their choice supports TCIA API, they would be able to access both public and access-restricted data from one familiar place.
afe, 09.07.2015, 16:10
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Image-retrieval alternate to Download-Manager

Customer wanting to retrieve a large collection (LIDC-IDRI) asks if there is an alternative to Download-Manager such as a tar-ball or zip file. Currently, we do not offer this and are left suggesting to a customer to download in smaller chunks....
kclark01, 31.07.2015, 16:51
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Allow direct download of files

The current interface for downloading any data is not very user-friendly and basically impossible to automate. Landing on a dataset page like this: and clicking download will...
Andreas Mueller, 18.04.2017, 10:59
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Searching on Chest and/or Lung is confusing and leads to inaccurate results

I did a search on CT & Lung and got 731 cases. Seemed a bit light to me, as I though LIDC had about 1000 cases. (I didn’t expect NLST as those are restricted.) But within that, I looked for LIDC and came up with none! I then went back for a...
PJ, 30.06.2015, 04:36