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Improve search capabilities

It would be helpful if search queries allowed for selecting subsets of data based on certain (ideally, unrestricted) criteria as defined by the DICOM attributes. Few examples:

* find all datasets that have more than 1 timepoint for a given patient
* find all MRIs of liver that have segmentations and dynamic contrast series (assuming segmentations are stored as DICOM SEG)
* find all MRIs of prostate that have segmentation of the gland, and the gland is larger than 100cc (assuming there is a DICOM SR object with the prostate gland volume measurement based on the associated segmentation)

afe, 18.06.2015, 16:32
Idea status: under consideration


Justin Kirby, 19.10.2017, 13:43
Thanks for the suggestions.

Find all data sets with more than 1 time point is currently possible by using the "Basline Plus" option in the Simple Search page. Selecting "1" will give you all subjects with at least 1 more study than the baseline. Around Halloween this year we'll be rolling out a new UI prototype which will still have this function but will be a little more obvious than the way it's currently named.

The other two ideas can't really be done in the search UI but might be possible via API calls. In general we want to expand support for searching DICOM-SEG and SR contents. Right now you can use the Free Text search page and it will dig through the SEG/SR files. So you could type "100cc" in that field and you might get a hit for that but there's no way to say " > 100cc" and target prostate gland measurements specifically.

UAMS was recently awarded an ITCR grant and one of the specific aims relates to improving search functionality related to non-image data such as radiomics and clinical text info. Keep an eye out for some of the capabilities you're asking for as that gets going.

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